You’ve got me.

You’ve got me was a three circle text piece that was selected and installed in VISUAL for the Éigse Carlow Arts Festival in June 2011. Inspired by the architecture of the space I decided early on that I would like the circles to form a linear pattern and be equal in size. I felt this best reflected the formal nature of the space. As my text work can be flexible in terms of positioning and installation most other pieces in the show were in situ by the time I arrived to install. I had a preferred location for the circles but when I saw the rest of the show I knew it wouldn’t work. With a small amount of time for installation and a lot of stickers to apply I quickly chose a corridor-style space at one end of the gallery. I realised that the work was going to be fairly invisible in this location but in a way I’m always interested to try the work out under less than ideal circumstances to see what it can withstand and to try to discover its strengths and indeed weaknesses. And so, the culmination of three days of back-breaking work was this (very!) subtle intervention in the space, as pictured below. In fact, on the right hand side of the first image I have ‘photoshopped’ three more obvious circles into the space and compared this with what an overview of how the actual work was seen/not seen. I would like to think it went unnoticed by many but was enjoyed by those who did happen across it.

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