A promise

Responding to the color red for the second exhibition in a series called Three Colours at SOMA Contemporary, Waterford I devised a new piece using square pieces of paper and incorporating graded colour tones. Taking the circumference of Gallery 1 in SOMA as my guide I installed approximately 1,920 individual squares to the floor around the edges of the room. In each corner red stickers were installed that eventually bled out to a white/pink colour as you moved closer to the centre of each wall – thus highlighting the corners as focal points. The text on each square reads I will tell you that I love you. This is interspersed sporadically with squares that read I will stop talking to you about housework. The piece is virtually invisible in some respects and perhaps will only be discovered by a minority of viewers but this is very much part and parcel of the work. Below are images of the piece installed and you can click on here to see an interview I did for SOMA about A promise.