A prompt

Responding to the colour blue I installed four circle pieces in SOMA in Waterford. Each piece reads – ‘Keep my feet on the ground’. Ordinarily I incorporate a different phrase/mantra into each circle but I was interested in considering this piece as a whole, made up of component parts. When you stand in each circle you can view the next circle in the sequence – this is not immediately obvious from the photographs but it is an important element of the work. It creates a physical narrative that is intended to lead the viewer around the space. Like a book it does not work in reverse – that is – starting from the last circle you can not necessarily see the previous circle in the sequence.

The first circle is 4ft in diameter and was placed in the first gallery space in SOMA

The second circle is 2.5ft in diameter and negotiated the doorway between the first gallery space and the second.

Circle three is located in the second gallery and is 2ft in diameter.





The fourth circle was also in the second gallery and is 1ft in diameter. I’ve also included an image here featuring a 1c coin to give a sense of scale.