Drawing With Colour

Typically when I say ‘drawing’ I don’t actually mean I picked up a pencil and made marks on paper. They are drawings nonetheless. I’ve been attempting to incorporate colour into the work for some time now, albeit very hesitantly. I have also been waffling on about finally successfully combining the drawings with the video work and I think I’m making progress.Below are images of two pieces I have done in the studio. The first is installed on the wall and floor in a corner and it is a straight forward drawing incorporating colour. The second piece uses colour but also features my video piece ‘To No Effect’, which I have now taken to calling ‘Beam’. It’s small…just shown on my iPod, but I think I’m on to something with it and I’m excited to experiment some more with this combination of the drawings and videos.

Below is the drawing with the video piece. If you click on the final image it will link you to the video piece if you wish to have a look-see.