I’m looking for the right words.

I’m looking for the right words is a selection of text-based drawings shown in multiple formats. These were installed in NGG as part of a group show called Illustrated Word. The drawings are concerned with the notions of control and perfection, repetition and affirmation. Text is used to visually reinforce obsessive and re-occurring thoughts. In this way these drawings strive to transform an internal, chaotic thought process into something external,tangible and quantifiable, something that can be readily controlled and that is not, itself, in control. Spelling mistakes are not corrected as this allows for a flow to the writing which most accurately represents an unstoppable and urgent train of thought. In the pieces where a phrase appears multiple times this phrase is typed individually and copy and paste is not used. In doing this there is no short cut in re-creating that sense of a thought getting stuck in your head. Each word/phrase must be re-lived and played out exactly as experienced internally in order to fully complete the process and transform something destructive into something creative.

Full installation shot

Overview of installation of framed pieces and receipt rolls.

Framed close up

Close up of excerpt from one of the framed pieces.


Full receipt roll shot.


Close up of receipt roll text.




Installation shot of drawing stickers on the floor below framed and roll pieces.




Close up of drawing stickers on tile grouting.




Close up of drawing stickers on fixtures.


Final drawing stickers making their way up the wall.