Hannah May Breslin, originally from Dublin, currently lives and works in London. She divides her time between her solo practice and The Honest Crowd, a London-based performance collective, of which she is a founding-member.

In 2007 Hannah completed her BA (Hons) in Fine Art in IADT-DL and in her independent practice she has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including: ‘Three Colours – Blue & Red’ (2011) at SOMA, Waterford; ‘What happens next is a secret’ (2010), at the Irish Museum of Modern Art; ‘Invisible’ (2010) at Black Church Print Studio; ‘Blasphemous’ (2010) at the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art; ‘Preponderance of the Small’ (2009) with the Douglas Hyde Gallery; ‘Projector’ (2009) at FOUR Gallery; ‘…nothing without a woman’ (2007) in the Ashford Gallery, RHA. Other highlights included: having participated in the live performance event ‘Right Here, Right Now’ (2010) in Kilmainham Gaol; being selected for ‘Constellations’ at VISUAL in June 2011; and her first solo show featuring new installation and video work took place in ‘nag’ at the Cross Gallery, Dublin in September 2011.

In 2012 Hannah graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with an MA in Performance Making. During this time Hannah took part in a series of live performances and was selected as a ‘participant’ in Tino Sehgal’s piece These Associations in the Turbine Hall in Tate Modern. Upcoming performances with The Honest Crowd include Glasshouse (scratch) at Battersea Arts Centre, London and Glasshouse (premiere) at The Basement for the 2013 Brighton Festival.


By clarifying my own personal experiences and breaking them down into simplistic actions or words I hope to distill otherwise overly complicated and complex thoughts and create a meaningful connection with the viewer. The work strives to transform an internal, chaotic thought process into something external and tangible. In this way the thought process becomes something that can be readily controlled and is not, itself, in control. The desire is to reach out to the viewer and draw them out of themselves, while also achieving a sense of personal catharsis.

My practice stems from a fine art background, primarily employing installation, video and live performances. The installations consist of small pieces of paper with minute printed text. These pieces of paper are then applied to a surface or an object to create a site specific installation. Through this process these thoughts can be manipulated and quantified thus restoring a sense of control. The videos are performative in nature and often feature a single action or phrase repeated and emphasised through the editing process. In these performances the psychological struggle becomes a physical one enabling the feeling to become a concrete sensation and no longer an abstract, intangible emotion.

My live performance work has found an outlet in The Honest Crowd – a performance collective based in London. Working collaboratively has enabled me to explore new modes of production and the performances we create place the emphasis on humour and subtle audience interactions.